Check Me ! The Label that gives you the Temperature

I’s new and it’s cool for your controls on the goQRCode-Sample

From the home page of Thermotrack -Webserve, see the QR Code icon in the left side bar.

It creates a PDF file with QR codes for all your Sensors. Stick them on the corresponding item (on the door fridge for example). Scan it and your phone shows the temperature. In Red if a high alarm, in Blu is a low one and in white if OK ! A click and it shows the graph. So Simple !

QR code TTW

The PDF file with your QR codes fits the Avery Adhesive label size 667.1 x 99.1 cm

But we give you more…

Send your PDF file to We print your QR codes on self adhesive and water resistant labels and send them Free oh charge to you! We’re so cool at Plug and Track  ;)

Don’t know how to scan a QR code ?

  • iPhone : Use the camera. The link simply opens
  • Android : Download any QR Code reader. We like the one of Trend Micro. No adds and it’s free.  Download it here