Easy diagnostic of your installation

You can now remotely get an easy diagnostic of your devices and sensors, directly in Thermotrack-Webserve.
The “Infrastructure” menu shows a copy of the status of your devices and sensors and how the Net Device Manager software works.
This will help you understand the situation when for instance you have non detection alarms

Net Device Manager



How to get this? Read more…

To have this new function, you need to use the last version the the free Net Device Manager software


If you already have Net Device Manager Software

If you still have the old Sensor Net connect Software

  • Download the lasted version of Net Device Manager Software at files http://www.proges.com/ftp/plugandtrack/NetDeviceManager/Install_NetDeviceManager.exe.exe
  • Open it and find for Sensor Net Connect and sensors
  • Make you you see the infrastructure in thermotrack Webserve
  • Stop the 2 following services: Service SNC_EnvoiData, Services SNC_Scrutation and make sure you strill get fresh data in Thermotrack-webserve.
  • Uninstall the old Sensor Net connect software