Justify all your alarms in a single action

Another new function for time saving.
If you need to justify a large number of alarms, you can now justify all the alarms at once.

Go to the Parameters-> Advanced menu and select at the bottom of the screen

Select the type of alarm, enter the justification and click on the “Justify” button.

It’s all done!

Check out the two latest innovations from Thermotrack Webserve

Thermotrack Webserve is proud to present two major updates that will change your temperature monitoring experience.

Simplified sensor calibration: this recent update simplifies and improves sensor calibration by automatically importing calibration certificates in PDF format. This feature eliminates manual entry, reduces errors and saves valuable time. With automatic archiving of certificates and easy access to calibration data, managing audits and configurations has never been easier. Find out more about this update.

Temperature graph superimposition: Temperature graphs from different sensors can now be superimposed on a single graph. This provides a direct comparison and global analysis of environmental conditions, enabling precise monitoring across different equipment and sites. Customize curve colors for greater distinction, and export data for in-depth analysis. Find out more here.

Optimize your temperature management by exploring these new features now.

New: Superimposition of temperature graphs

Thermotrack-Webserve now includes a new function for superimposing the temperature graphs of several sensors.

A Global and Precise Vision

Now you can view temperature data from several equipment units simultaneously, for direct comparison and overall analysis of environmental conditions. Whether you’re monitoring several zones in a laboratory, different storage compartments, or remote sites, this feature gives you an instant, accurate overview.

How it works:

A new ” Superimposition ” menu is now available in the general menu. It allows you to select several devices via a drop-down list and superimpose their temperature data on a single graph. For better visibility, you can customize the color of each graph.

Additional option :

Users can print the resulting graph or export the data to Excel for further analysis or sharing.

This development of Thermotrack-Webserve is part of our continuous improvement approach, aimed at providing precise, practical tools for temperature monitoring.

New: Simplified Sensor Calibration

Thermotrack Webserve is evolving to make your life easier. Our latest update changes the way you calibrate your probes. Here’s what’s new:

Automatic Import of Calibration Certificates

You can now directly import your calibration certificates in PDF format. Thermotrack Webserve will do the rest: the system automatically reads the file, extracts the standard and sensor values, calculates the deviations, and adds the uncertainty. No more tedious manual data entry, save time and say goodbye to typing errors.

Certificate storage

In addition to processing the information, Thermotrack Webserve keeps a copy of your calibration certificate in PDF format, as well as the two previous ones. Your documents remain organized and accessible at all times in the event of an audit.

Easy access to calibration data

Calibration information is now directly accessible from the equipment settings screen. This saves time and improves efficiency when adjusting and checking configurations, without having to navigate through several menus.

Enhanced global view

In the general menu, access to all sensor calibrations has also been modified. We’ve added an “Equipment” column to help you find the sensor and equipment concerned more easily. A clear overview for simplified management.

With these new features, Thermotrack Webserve continues to place itself as your ally in the accurate and efficient management of temperature monitoring. Simplify probe calibration and focus on what really matters to your business.

Discover Thermotrack Webserve’s new Automatic Alarm Threshold Adjustment function!

We are delighted to introduce a new feature that has just been integrated into your favorite temperature monitoring software: automatic adjustment of alarm thresholds with calibration uncertainty.

What does this mean for you?

This update brings greater precision and customization to temperature management. Thanks to this feature, Thermotrack Webserve automatically adjusts your equipment’s alarm thresholds according to the sensor’s calibration uncertainty. This means greater reliability and compliance for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

How does it work?

In the advanced settings of your account, you now have the option of enabling this adjustment option. Once activated, it is automatically applied when adding or modifying sensor calibration, as well as when adding or modifying equipment.

Adjustment in Practice

When you enter the sensor calibration values, you indicate the calibration uncertainties, as in the image below

Thermotrack-Webserve will display in the Equipment settings the basic alarm thresholds you have defined (e.g. 15 and 25°C and the adjusted thresholds e.g. 15.1 and 24.9 in our example). These thresholds are automatically readjusted each time they are modified, to adapt to the most relevant calibration uncertainty.

What are the advantages?

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Alarm thresholds adjust to accurately reflect calibration uncertainty, giving you a truer picture of actual conditions.
  • Adaptability: Each time equipment or sensor calibration is modified, alarm thresholds are automatically readjusted, ensuring that your parameters are always up to date.
  • Simplicity of Use: This feature works in the background. Once activated, you don’t have to worry about manual adjustments.

Dashboard updated

Dashboard are now displaid as “Mosaïc, with new function

  • Automatic scaling according to the number of probes and the size of your screen
  • Scroll from left to right if the equipment name exceeds the size
  • Drag and Drop to automatically arrange equipment as you wish
Supervision Thermotrack webserve

You may need to refresh the window by using CTRL+ F5

Sorry for Firefox users, but this type of pages is not supported in this browser, so you still see the old version of the dashboard

New version

April 4th at 12 heures UTC+2, you can discover the new version of Thermotrack Webserve.

What’s new ?

A brand new home page

Thermotrack-webserve now opens in Mosaic mode with a color code for each equipment

In green, all equipment is OK
In red, the equipment in high alarm
In blue, those in low alarm
In maroon, those whose sensor is not detected
In orange, those which have exceeded the alarm thresholds but whose time delay has not been reached
And in gray, the equipment for which you have deactivated the alarms

Each equipment has a customizable pictogram. You can modify it in the equipment settings page.

New display filters

New filter and sorting tools are also available.

You can display all the equipments, or only

– Display only those that are on alarm

– Select only those in a location or zone

Also use the search button to find an equipment by its name more quickly

Sorting by Locations and Zones: This is no longer mandatory

If you only have a few sensors, it may be tedious to sort them by Locations and Zones.

You can now skip this classification.

Customized alarm justifications

When justifying an alarm, you can now choose from a custom list for your company.

This saves users from writing

To customize this list, go to the settings menu and choose the “advanced” tab

 Customised alarm justifications

When justifying an alarm, you can now choose from a custom list for your company.

justifications personnalisées

This avoids users to write and make all justifications more uniforlm

To customize this list, go to the settings menu and choose the “advanced” tab

Pour activer les alarmes programmables, rendez-vous dans le menu de paramétrage et choisissez l’onglet « avancé »


You can now receive a first alert as soon as a sensor exceeds the alarm thresholds, without waiting for the timeout to be exceeded.

To activate this function, go to the settings menu and choose the “advanced” tab

Programmable alarms

In some cases, the temperature set point of your equipments may be different on different days of the week.

This is the case for example with programmable ovens in microbiology. You put samples to incubate on Friday afternoon for 24 hours and the oven will keep the samples at 5°C ±3 C until Monday morning.

You can now specify a different alarm range for a predefined period of time.

To activate the programmable alarms, go to the settings menu and choose the “advanced” tab

Unavailability of the service on 29/03/2023 at 12:00

Dear customers,

Wednesday, March 29, 2023, from 12:00 am (Paris time), we have to interrupt the www.thermotrack-webserve.com server to do a important maintenance operation and the preparation of a major update that will come in a few days.

The estimated time of unavailability is 1 hour.

During this time, you will not have access to Thermotrack-Webserve

In the vast majority of cases, you will not lose any data.

If you use FoxNet sensors, or Sensor Net Connect sensors with Net Device Manager software, you will not lose any data. They will be stored on your devices and then transmitted to the server as soon as the server is back in service.

If you use Sensor Net Connect sensors without Net Device Manager software (POST http sending), Pixie Truck or Sigfox or GSM transmitters, the values measured during the outage cannot be received by the server and will be lost.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to reduce the downtime.

Your Plug and Track team

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Servers interruption on 02/06/2022

In order to reinforce the security of your data, we will have to proceed to a short interruption of our services on 02/06/2022 at 10:00AM Paris time.

For a short period of time, estimated at 15 minutes, our servers will be stopped and then restarted.

For those of you who use Net Device Manager or Sensor Net Connect software for data transfer, there will be no loss of data. It will be stored on your PCs and then transmitted normally as soon as our servers are restarted

For those who use the HTTP POST function of Sensor Net Connect, there will be a short data interruption.

Our new infrastructure will allow us to strengthen the security of your data by installing the servers and backups on different data centers.
We are at your disposal for any questions

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