Sample rate – Quicker display

The highest sample rata has been changed to 5 minutes, so as to offer faster page load and give better visibility of graphs.

This change will be active on April 4th 2018 during the day

Non detections alarms

You might receive alarms for sensor not detected at approx 2 am (Paris time) since a couple of days.

You sensors are correctly detected and there is no loss of data.

The reason is that during backup processing during the night, our servers can’t accept too many incoming connections. During that time, your data are stored on your PC that hosts your Sensor Net Connect software and are sent later.

We are working on it so we can solve this very quick and we beg you to accept our apologize for the inconvenience.

Benoist Macé and Yann Dupont are at your disposal for any question

Monitor also if doors remain opened

Many temperature excursions happen because of doors being left opened. Contact ouverture de porte
To avoid this, get our new door contact monitoring sensor to monitor doors of your fridges, freezers, cold rooms…
Easy to install, just the two contact to affix one on the door the other on the door frame, using the adhesive tape.
Connect the 4 meters cable to the Sensor Net Connect and set the time delay before it send an alarm to anyone by SMS, Email, Pop-Up, Siren

Need an offer. Contact your distributor or send a message to


The No Software solution

Monitor Temperature without installing any software ?

It’s also possible with Sensor Net Connect.

  1. Plug 1 to 3 sensors to a Sensor Net Connect
  2. Connect the Sensor Net Connect to your network (by cable or Wi-Fi)
  3. Check temperatures over the Cloud, anywhere you are, on your smartphone of computer.

Easy, Quick and It work in 15 minutes.

Wireless temperature Sensor Cloud


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Secured Data

Since Nov 2nd 2017, Thermotrack-Webserve is using secured data exchange using HTTPS.temperature monitoring https secured connection

Why is this important for you?

When you log to Thermotrack-Webserve, data that you send (login and password for instance) are encrypted and authenticated by a trusted third party. This guaranties that your data cannot be red by an external source.

to learn more about HTTPS encryption, read the Wikipedia article

How to affix sensors

We now ship our sensors with 2 self adhesive pads and a self adhesive clip for the stainless steel end. If you want to  receive such accessories for your existing sensors, just send an email to with your name, address and requested quantity. We shall send this free of charge to you.

affix temperature sensorClic to enlarge

how to affix temperature sensor in cold roome

Non detection alarms

We have now changed the rules for non detection alarms. Up to now, messages will be sent after 3 times the sample rate of the sensor, with a minimum of 15 minutes.