How to affix sensors

We now ship our sensors with 2 self adhesive pads and a self adhesive clip for the stainless steel end. If you want to  receive such accessories for your existing sensors, just send an email to with your name, address and requested quantity. We shall send this free of charge to you.

affix temperature sensorClic to enlarge

how to affix temperature sensor in cold roome

Non detection alarms

We have now changed the rules for non detection alarms. Up to now, messages will be sent after 3 times the sample rate of the sensor, with a minimum of 15 minutes.


Our American customers can now use Thermotrack Webserve in Fahrenheit.

Try the new version (Beta)

A new version of Thermotrack-Webserve is to be launched in January y’16.
You can now use the beta version with your existing login and password, using the following link:

What’s new?

  • Check data and modify setting on you Tablet or Smartphone, just like you do on your PC. (the screen size will adapt to the device ‘s size)
  • Access quicker to your data (no more flash player needed)
  • Modify setting from the graph view
  • Zoom on the graph with your mouse or finders (Smartphones and tablets)
  • Choose the type of  alarms to be sent to each user (Excursions, Non detection modules or all)*
  • Choose the calendar of alarm sending for each user*
  • And many other more option to save time…


This new version will be launched end of January ’16. We still need to improve some functions. Send us your comment if you see things to fix.

* Not yet available as per today (Dec 21st)